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About Laura

About botanical photographer Laura Smith

Bush beginnings...

I grew up near the town of Tenterfield, in the New England region of New South Wales. A child of the bush, I was always outside, wandering and exploring the mountain landscapes with my faithful dog, Zoe.


We would often walk for miles - exploring forests, creeks and bushland, climbing granite-laden scrub, and immersing ourselves in all the beauty and magic that the Australian bush had to offer. It was a wonderful way to grow up.

I feel so fortunate to have had such early freedoms, and the opportunity to learn about the bush from an early age. These beginnings fostered a lifelong love, curiosity, and deep respect for Australian nature, which continues throughout my life and serves as the inspiration behind all of my work.

Not one for City life...

When I left school, I completed a Media Degree and ended up in Sydney, caught up in a whirlwind of city life. I must admit I never enjoyed it, and as time went by I began to yearn more and more for time in nature, time which I’d somehow lost along the way.


In 2003 I moved to Eyre Peninsula, and what a refreshing change it was. Mesmerised by the enormous skies, vast landscapes and endless stretches of coastline, I turned to photography to capture the beauty that I saw.

I initially became known for my landscape and seascape photography, and am fortunate to have received awards and recognition for my work. However the call of the Australian bush still resided in me, and I knew I had no choice but to listen.


In 2005, a newborn Kelpie pup who I named Milly came into my life. Our bond developed quickly, ran very deep, and would end up lasting a lifetime. With her boundless energy, we had soon found ourselves rambling far and wide, exploring the landscapes of Eyre Peninsula and setting me on the path to reconnecting with the Australian bush.

About botanical photographer Laura Smith
About botanical photographer Laura Smith

A return to nature...

In more recent times I have enjoyed a return to nature - a kind of ‘coming home’ to my younger self. Having once again the opportunity to engage in wild explorations so treasured as a child, I now find endless inspiration in the beauty and diversity of our Australian bush and native species. Countless walks and wanderings with Milly brought me back to my love of Australian nature, and as I began to learn about the plants and flowers native to Eyre Peninsula, my interest quickly grew to include many of the species native to greater Southern Australia, and those of Western Australia that also thrive in our Southern climate.


After almost 16 wonderful years together, Milly passed away peacefully in 2021. My forever friend, we had a depth of connection that was difficult to describe. She is missed so deeply, and will always be in my heart.


How fortunate I am that a chance meeting with a young pup would see me return to the peace and freedoms of my childhood, and be the catalyst for reigniting my curiosity and deep respect for our native species. In my adult years, time in the bush has also taught me much about the necessity of disconnecting from the rush of daily life, engaging the senses, and becoming immersed in the beauty of each moment, wherever that moment may be.

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